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Our Mission
CityPlug utilizes artificial intelligence to provide optimal EV charger sites to industry professionals. We strive to solve the problem of climate change by accelerating EV adoption.
Better EV Charging Is Necessary
of EV users feel range anxiety
1 in 2
EV users fear lack of chargers
4.6 t
of CO2 is emitted by one passenger vehicle
How It Works
Tell us what you need. We'll do the rest
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Totally Customizable
Customers may tweak the factors in the AI algorithm to customize the results based on their needs.
Nearby Amenities
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Growth Potential
Transit Corridors
Around the Globe
No matter where in the world, CityPlug's advanced AI algorithm can the most optimal charger locations.
We Test Our Models
Our AI algorithms are tested and optimized for peak performance.
Latest on CityPlug
Check out our blog to keep updated on our project.
Fresno Trip
CityPlug strives to deliver the best product to our customers, to achieve this, it is integral that we validate our models.
About Us
Meet team CityPlug, a group of passionate highschool students dedicated to provide a solution for climate change through machine learning.
  • William Sahami
    William Sahami is responsible for the model programming as well as designing the icons and branding. In his free time, he enjoys cooking and reading.
    Seungho Lee
    Seungho Lee in charge of designing and developing the website as well as the project architecture. In his free time, he likes to watch and play soccer.
    Harrison Zhu
    Harrison Zhu is in charge of developing the user interface of the project. In his free time, he likes to argue that python is the worst programming language.
  • Sooa Kim
    Sooa Kim is in charge of video editing and community outreach. In her free time, she likes to go to the gym and edit videos.
    Yoonjung Lera
    Yoonjung Lera is the co-founder of the Applied Computing Foundation and a mentor for the CityPlug team. In her free time, she likes to run daily and cook delicious meals.
  • Initial User Interface
    Check out our initial user interface that our team is currently working on.
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    Interested in our project? Please feel free to contact us.
  • FAQ
    Here are some frequently asked questions about our project.
    Who is CityPlug For?
    CityPlug is mainly for city planners and EV charger installers. Since our solution provides the optimal spot for charging stations allows fewer charging stations to be installed across the country. This allows our customers to save time and money.
    Why Use CityPlug?
    CityPlug’s AI model incorporates all necessary features to make the most optimal experience for our users. This includes unlimited points, all charger stations compatibility, national availability, and address search. Currently, there are no other existing solution in the market with all of these features.
    What is the Pricing?
    Pricing of the base model varies depending on different factors such as scale and customization. If you are interested in using the CityPlug model, please contact us via [email protected] to provide more details regarding the use.